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Mark Ledbetter

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About Mark

I love music and art and finding joy and laughter in everything I do. As a web developer, I thrive on finding the harmony and perfection in a project and in my collaboration on a team. I bring a creative point of view and an openness to explore all possible solutions to my work and the workplace. A positive attitude and disciplined work ethic are the cornerstone of my approach to creating my next masterpiece.

I have worked as a Broadway actor for over 15 years. For the past 10 years I have also been running a freelance web development business creating web solutions for small businesses and professionals. I am looking to take my skills as an entertainer, collaborator, entrepreneur and creative thinker combined with my love of computers and web design to my work as a full-time Web Developer.

Programming Languages

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flex, Ruby


React, Node.js, jQuery, Rails, Express, WordPress

Version Control/

Git, GitHub, Heroku


SQL, PostgreSQL


$tech => jobs

A single page web app where users can search for jobs in the tech industry by keyword and city or state. If they find a job they are interested in they can save it to their account and apply using the link provided by the company. They can continue to use the app to keep track of the steps they've taken and people the've met in the application and interview process.

Technologies Used: React, Node.js, Express, JSON Web Token (JWT), Sequelize, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, CSS, Heroku

Shut The Box

A single and two player web app inspired by a game I played as a child at my grandmother's house. The object of the game is to clear all of the numbers 1 - 10 from the number line. After rolling the dice, each player selects a number or multiple numbers from the number line that add up to the sum of the dice.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Home Field Advantage

A forum web application where users can research professional sports stadiums in North America add comments, recommendations, or tips about their experiences there and the different aspects of the fan experience.

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, PostgresSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Heroku

Been There, Done That.

A single page web application where users can keep track of the great places and sites they've traveled to and maintain a list of the places they'd like to visit.

Technologies Used: React, Node.js, Express, JSON Web Token (JWT), PostgresSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Heroku

WordPress Framework Websites

For the last 10+ years Mark has been running a private web development business creating and hosting customized responsive websites for small businesses and professionals.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Photoshop